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Scholarship America works directly with students, parents, colleges, businesses and communities to empower people to fulfill their college dreams. As the nation’s largest non-profit, private-sector scholarship and educational assistance support organization, we have distributed $3.1 billion to more than 2 million students since 1958.

Scholarship America continues to mobilize America, through scholarships and educational assistance, to make post-secondary success possible for all. In 2014, more than 125,000 students received over $236 million in scholarship support and assistance – a record-breaking year!

With an increased focus on serving those most in need, Scholarship America is now working to further engage the private sector to support programs and policies that further equity and help students overcome barriers to access, persistence and attainment. In September of 2014, Scholarship America proudly opened an office in Washington DC to better represent the interests of our students and constituents in the national policy arena.

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the faces of student success

Scholarship America Dream Award recipient Hector Najarro


Helen Montie Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Of The Year

Helen Montie: Dollars for Scholars Student Volunteer Of The Year

Kelsey O’Donoghue, Courtney Zickmund, and Julia Sumouske – 2014 Burger King Scholars 50K Award

Burger King Scholars: 50K Award Recipients

2014 Mission Impact

Through scholarships and other educational assistance, Scholarship America and its programs directly supported more than 125,000 students as they pursued and achieved their educational goals. A new national scholarship program, the Scholarship America Dream Award, was launched to help spotlight the need for renewable programs that support deserving students beyond their first year until they complete their degree program. The first class of 12 award winners are an awe-inspiring group of students who have overcome significant barriers to persist toward achieving their degrees.

  • Dollars for Scholars Award Distribution

    Dollars for Scholars

    Community-Based Scholarships

    532 affiliates distributed 24,809 awards to 18,314 students – an average award of $1,008 per student. Total distribution was $18.5 million.
    Watch 2014 Affiliate Award Winner Videos

  • Scholarship Management Services Award Distribution

    Scholarship Management Services

    Custom Education Assistance

    Scholarship Management Services worked with 1,300 businesses, foundations and individuals to distribute education assistance and tuition assistance programs totaling 97,000 awards. Total distribution was over $193 million, with the average award per student being $2,257.

  • Dream Award Distribution

    The Dream Award

    Supporting College Completion

    Scholarship America distributed 12 awards to its first class of Dream Award recipients. Scholarships ranged from $10,000 to $15,000 based on the individual student’s financial need, and increases by $1,000 each year to help them successfully finish school and earn their degrees. Total distribution was more than $150,000.
    Meet the 2014 Dream Award recipients

  • Families of Freedom Award Distribution

    The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund

    Helping Families Rebuild

    In 2014, the Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund awarded 760 scholarships to financially needy dependents of those killed or permanently disabled on 9/11, with an average award of $14,988. The total distribution last year was $12,539,530.

  • Dreamkeepers Award Distribution


    Keeping Students In School

    1,545 students who faced unexpected financial setbacks received an average award of $445 at 39 schools, for a total distribution of $746,175.

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    Your Support Matters

    Your support makes this impact possible. A gift to Scholarship America ensures we can help more students earn more degrees now, and into the future.


2014 was a year of national exposure and celebrations: appearing on Katie Couric’s talk show to announce the first class of Dream Award recipients; visiting the White House to discuss ideas for making college more affordable; and celebrating a major milestone for the families of 9/11 victims.

Scholarship America Dream Award recipients on the Katie Couric Show

National Exposure (and a big surprise) on the Katie Show

Scholarship America's Max Espinoza at the White House with President Obama

Scholarship America at the White House

Scholarship America's Lauren Segal and Mike Ryan at a Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund Event

Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund Milestone


Our sincerest thanks to the generous DONORS, CLIENTS and PARTNERS of Scholarship America, who are dedicated to helping students achieve their dreams through the power of generosity. Learn More about the Power of Generosity—and the impact you can have—below.

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