• The Best Path to Financial Stability

      Scholarship America® was founded more than fifty years ago to help assure that young people could achieve the American Dream through higher education. Today, that dream is at risk: the spiraling cost of higher education is an ever-growing hurdle that has the potential to cripple our nation’s economic future by stopping too many students in their tracks.


      Unfortunately, both the costs and the current economic realities are making many people doubt the value of education beyond high school. Far too often, I’ve seen headlines asking in bold letters: Is College Still Worth It?


      And – while it’s true that the cost of college has increased by 50 percent over the past 30 years, the average college graduate owes more than $26,600 in student loans, and unemployment for recent grads is right around 9 percent – college is still the best path to long-term financial stability for individuals and our nation. Consider:


      * The unemployment rate among young people with only a high school diploma tops 30 percent.
      * A young college grad earns about $12,000 more per year than his or her counterpart with only a high school diploma. Those with associate degrees earn $9,000 more annually than high-school grads. And over their entire careers, college graduates earn 75 percent more than high-school grads.
      * Education is the surest route out of poverty and into the middle class, effectively changing the cycle for future generations.


      My work at Scholarship America is inspired by knowing that when we are successful – when an individual succeeds in completing an education beyond high school – we have helped save a family from a future of poverty.


      What drives me is Scholarship America’s strategic goal to help 750,000 students complete their degrees by 2025. Through the 106,000 scholarship and education assistance awards we distributed this past year, we are that much closer to making this goal a reality.


      An education beyond high school should be possible for every student with the will and motivation to succeed. Thank you for the important role you play in helping these students achieve their dreams.


      YOU inspire me.



      Lauren A. Segal
      Lauren A. Segal, President & CEO

    • Keeping the Dream Alive

      Jeremiah Rotich knew no one when he arrived in the United States from Kenya in 2001 to start a new life, but was expecting a ride from the airport arranged through an acquaintance.


      Jeremiah’s ride never showed up.


      Not one to dwell on a setback, Jeremiah (pictured at right) hopped in a cab and asked the driver to take him to a cheap hotel – where he began looking for a job and a place to live.


      A NEW LIFE
      Soon, Jeremiah’s wife and two small children (ages 6 and 9) joined him in the United States. "I had a vision for myself and my family," says Jeremiah. "I wanted the best for all of us. To me, that meant access to a quality education."


      Going to school and learning were big challenges in Kenya. The elementary school Jeremiah attended as a boy was several miles away from his home, and the facilities were inadequate. Students had to share the few books available; having a meal during the day in school was unheard of. Despite these hardships, Jeremiah persevered because he believed that education was his chance for a better life.


      When Jeremiah found himself suddenly unemployed in 2009, he quickly enrolled in Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC). During his final semester, however, Jeremiah’s dream to earn a degree was nearly dashed: the family’s sole car – which transported both him and his children to school and his wife to work – broke down one evening. The family had to make a quick decision: pay rent, or cover the car repair costs. Fortunately, Jeremiah was eligible to apply for an emergency grant through Scholarship America’s Dreamkeepers program at MCTC.


      Jeremiah graduated from his program at MCTC in May, 2012.


      "I am grateful for the opportunity to have received the funding, as it meant a lot to me and my family. If I had not received it, we would not have been able to cover our expenses and that would have meant some uncertainty in keeping the dreams alive," he says.


      He is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree, and plans to work toward a master’s degree in public and nonprofit administration. "My education has given me confidence and the ability and motivation to help others, as I have been helped," Jeremiah says.

    • A Fighting Chance

      When Marisa Montoya-Monier’s grandmother saw an advertisement for a scholarship in the Sacramento Bee, she immediately thought of her granddaughter’s goal of attending the University of California, Berkeley. Marisa (pictured at left) spent years starting, stopping and restarting her education in early childhood development at Sacramento City College. Now 27, she was determined to complete a peace and conflict studies degree at Berkeley – one of only two schools in the country that offers this degree to undergrads – and to become the first college graduate in her immediate family.


      But, as Marisa says, "Berkeley is expensive."


      Enter the Bright Minds Scholarship Program, sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and administered by Scholarship America. PG&E advertised across its northern and central California service area for applicants for this new program – including in the Bee, which Marisa’s grandmother saw.


      "PG&E’s charitable community investment program is focused on supporting and strengthening the communities we serve," says Ezra Garrett, PG&E’s Vice President of Community Relations (pictured above left). "Education has been a traditional vehicle for us to support our communities, typically through nonprofit organizations or school efforts. The Bright Minds program helps us give funding directly to the students and their parents."


      Through the Bright Minds Scholarship Program, PG&E awarded 100 scholarships this past year – 90 one-time awards worth $2,500 and 10 renewable scholarships of up to $30,000 a year toward the completion of the students’ certificate, associates or bachelor’s degree.


      "While we agree that academic success should be the key consideration for scholarship assistance, we don’t think it should be the only criteria," says Ezra. "Our Bright Minds Scholars also demonstrate a personal commitment to giving back to the community, have succeeded in the face of overwhelming obstacles, and show financial need. And we didn’t want to limit the program to high school seniors." The top 10 Bright Minds Scholars range in age from 18 to 45 years old.


      More than 8,000 students applied for the 100 scholarships. "We were blown away by the response, and encouraged that we were really meeting a need," says Ezra. "It was very emotional for our employees to feel that they were part of something so impactful. They were inspired by the stories these students told, and the challenges they’ve overcome."


      Stories like Marisa’s, whose childhood was turbulent. After her parents divorced when she was very young, her mother did her best to take care of Marisa and her two brothers. "But sometimes, you know, there just wasn’t enough money. As a child, I never knew whether we would have hot water, or the lights would be on ... we’d have to go to my grandparents to shower. The lights would be off for a day or two, or the phone, until the bill could be paid," says Marisa.


      Marisa expects to finish her bachelor’s degree in spring 2014 debt-free and plans to join the Peace Corps before starting work on a master’s degree in restorative justice. She eventually would like to work for a nonprofit organization and give back to the community throughout her career.


      "I come from this place where you wonder if you really have a fighting chance," she adds. "But here I am!"

    • Facts and Figures, Fiscal Year 2012

      TOTAL AWARDS: 106,500 | TOTAL DISTRIBUTION: $203,163,000


      Nearly 1,000 locally based, volunteer-driven programs help hometown students achieve educational success by raising scholarship funds, establishing endowments, providing assistance with college readiness and the financial aid process, and distributing scholarships.


      By the numbers:
         38,525 students received $41 million in scholarships
         $1,065 was the average scholarship award
         $73.2 million was raised by local programs
         2,850 communities are served in 38 states and the District of Columbia
         24,831 volunteers support 992 local programs


      These postsecondary institutions stretch the scholarship dollars distributed by Scholarship America programs, by assuring that they are used to fill unmet student need or reduce the self-help portion (loan, work study, etc.) of the student’s financial aid package.


      By the numbers:
         446 Collegiate Partners
         36,885 Scholarship America recipients brought $63.9 million
          in scholarship funds to Collegiate Partners in FY12


      SMS, Scholarship America’s social enterprise division, provides a flexible design and administrative process to assist corporations, foundations and individuals in managing and developing their scholarship and education assistance programs.


      By the numbers:
         67,743 students received $161.5 million in
         scholarships and education assistance*
         $2,307 was the average scholarship award
         378,646 applications were processed for 1,280 programs

         *includes Families of Freedom Awards, broken out below


      Families of Freedom provides post-high school education funding to financially needy dependents of those killed or disabled in the 9/11 attacks and rescue efforts.


      By the numbers:
         810 students received $12.7 million in scholarship assistance (FY12)
         2,117 students have received $80 million in scholarship assistance since 2002


      Dreamkeepers is designed to help students avoid dropping out of college when faced with an unforeseen financial difficulty. 95% of students who received Dreamkeepers funding in 2011-12 completed their current term.


      By the numbers:
         43 colleges in the Dreamkeepers network
         $414 average student grant
         More than $2.9 million in financial assistance has been provided to 5,500 students since 2004

    • Financials (Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2012)

      During the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012, Scholarship America’s national office raised $160 million and distributed $149 million for scholarships. The total distribution of $203 million, noted elsewhere in this report, includes $41 million distributed to students by our independent chapters, as well as deferred awards. Scholarship America maintains a strong financial position with net assets of $135 million and cash and investments totaling $180 million.


      Pie charts not showing up? Click below to download full audited financials for FY12


      You can also download our full financial report, audited by KPMG; our most recent IRS Form 990; and a PDF version of this report.


      Scholarship America's three largest program areas are Scholarship Management Services, Dollars for Scholars and Dreamkeepers (program descriptions above). Revenue, expense and grant information (as applicable) is as follows:


      Scholarship Management Services
         Program Revenue: $8,862,737
         Program Expense: $153,816,036
         Grant Amount Included in Expense: $148,782,888


      Dollars for Scholars
         Program Revenue: $492,309
         Program Expense: $1,355,439


         Program Expense: $418,975

    • Jefferson Society Leadership Giving Circle: Page 1 of 2

      Scholarship America’s Jefferson Society recognizes individual and corporate philanthropic leaders throughout America who have devoted time, expertise, and financial support to help ensure that all students can access and complete their education beyond high school.


      This Page: Corporate Donors and Individual Donors of $5,000 or more. Next Page: Individual Donors of $1,000 or more.


      Corporate President’s Circle ($100,000.00+)

      Biogen Legacy Fund
      Citigroup Relief Fund
      Grant & Eisenhofer P.A.
      Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation
      International Youth Foundation
      Steiner Sports Memorabilia, Inc.
      USA Funds

      Corporate Governor’s Circle ($50,000.00+)
      The American Gift Fund
      Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
      The Liu Foundation
      Lumina Foundation
      Microsoft Corporation
      Scottish Rite Foundation

      Corporate Ambassador’s Circle ($25,000.00+)
      Argosy Foundation
      The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
      Coach Foundation, Inc.
      Fidelity Investment Charitable
      Gift Fund
      RBC Trust Company (Delaware)

      Corporate Director’s Circle ($15,000.00+)
      AXA Foundation
      Education Dynamics
      Illinois Tool Works Foundation
      Knight Capital Americas, L.P.
      National Council of University Research Administrators
      NFL Charities
      Nicor Gas, an AGL Resources Company
      Wells Fargo Foundation
      Zachys Wine & Liquor
      President’s Circle ($100,000.00+)

      Anonymous (1)

      Ambassador’s Circle ($25,000.00+)
      Marquita S. and Cecil McLean*
      Michael O’Callaghan
      Michael D. and Rosemary Ryan

      Director’s Circle ($15,000.00+)
      Anonymous (1)
      Barry and Michele Griswell Charitable Fund
      Susan A. Burnett*

      Leader’s Circle ($10,000.00+)
      Richard J. Schwab and Katherine Burford
      Thomas E. Terry, J.D.
      Nancy J. Van Deman-Abernethy
      Fred and Joan Weisman

      Educator’s Circle ($5,000.00+)
      Robert C. and Mary Ellen Ballard
      Judith T. Drake
      Donald D. Elg
      Renée Hecht
      George S. and Rona L. Leyman
      Barbara B. McBee
      Mehigan Family Trust
      Vincent J. and Domenica Ragusa
      Muriel F. and John Schreck
      Lauren A. Segal and Richard Grigos
      Stan Z. Soloway
      Drs. Susan and Norman Weinberger
      Don Zacharia



      Click here to join the Jefferson Society today

    • Jefferson Society Leadership Giving Circle: Page 2 of 2

      Founder’s Circle ($1,000.00+)
      Anonymous (22)
      Jack Abraham
      Matthew Abramowitz
      Ariana Ali
      Judith Allen
      Dianne Anderson
      Scott A. Austin
      Michael and Yeelong Balladon
      Mark W. and Janet Bates
      Mary Fiske Beck
      Michael H. and Melissa Berkenblit
      William and Donna Bonifield
      Molly Bostic
      Anne L. Cheney
      Laura and Kevin Colebank
      John E. Deysher
      Allison Domeneghetti
      Joe Durbin
      Mrs. Stormy P. Durbin
      Dianne L. Eberlein
      Lee R. Einsidler
      Denise B. Feser
      J. Douglas Field
      William Greene
      Nancy A. Haas
      Dr. Hankins
      John A. and Lynne A. Harris
      Lori and Michael Harris
      Daniel S. Hefter
      Alan and Terry L. Hershey
      Mr. Joseph M. Hinchey, Esq.
      Brian B. and Mary J. Hogan
      Patrick Hoggard
      Investment Technology
         Group Employees
      Krista M. and Jeffrey C. Johnson
      Susan D. Johnson
      Steven and Teresa Kingsley
      Terrance Kraling
      Jacqueline A. Lang
      James Lee
      Raymond Lee
      Mr. John A. Liberatore
      Limbach Family
      Kevin and Heather Luu
      Carl Mackleit
      Gregory Macri, Jr.
      Kristine Madsen
      Kay M. Marquet
      Phyllis R. McGrath and
         Patrick Sheehan
      Sean A. Medcalf
      Jamie Merisotis and Colleen O’Brien
      Daniel F. Mills
      David G. and Sonja Nahass
      Marie O’Malley and Michael Morin
      Linda Pines
      Shirish Puranick
      J. Stephen and Joan Putnam
      Amanda Pyle
      Joseph D. Ratterman
      Tracy L. Reese
      Laura Rheintgen
      Sharon and Bill Richardson
      Robert and Anita Lawe
      Luz Romero
      Marc and Tracy Ross
      Michael J. and Linda Ryder
      Ruth Saxey
      Cynthia J. Schroeder
      Victoria Schwartz
      Seema R. Shah and Jed Burkett
      Timothy Singleton
      David C. and Marijane D. Smith
      Hayden W. Smith
      Stephen B. and Mary Smith
      Jamee Stasik
      Robert N. and Eileen Stein
      Colette Taylor
      Richard Thompson
      Ian Todd
      Edward and Gail Tomberg
      Curtis V. and Carol M. Trygstad
      Gregory C. Voetsch
      Philip and Irmy Webster
      Felicia Wells
      Rick and Kelly Wormeli
      Sathyam and
         Venkatasathyam Yanamandram
      Neil Yarhouse
      Timothy Zwiebel


      We apologize in advance for any errors in the above list of Jefferson Society Members. Please contact us at any time regarding errors or questions about your gift: 800-279-2083.


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    • Thank You To All of Our Donors

      Scholarship America has been supporting students for more than 50 years, and we couldn't do it without the help of each and every one of our dedicated supporters. THANK YOU.


      Click here for an alphabetical list of all of our 2012 supporters. (Opens in new window)


      If you'd like to join our mission of ensuring postsecondary success for all students, click here to find out more about donating, volunteering and other ways to help.



      Scholarship America Governing Board, 2012

      Chair: Mr. Michael Ryan
      CEO, MDR Capital Management
      Secretary: Mr. Timothy A. Christensen
      Independent Project Manager, Christensen Nonprofit Consulting
      Treasurer: Mr. Michael J. Ryder
      Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
      Immediate Past Chair: Ms. Mim Schreck
      Ms. Judith Allen
      Educational Consultant
      Mr. Robert C. Ballard
      Senior Vice President, Access and Outreach, USA Funds
      Mr. J. Barry Griswell
      Chief Executive Officer, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
      Ms. Barbara M. Kuzdzol
      Chair Pro Tem, Honor Roll Trustees
      Ms. Tina Lee
      Managing Director, World Journal
      Executive Vice President, Cooper Investors, Inc.
      Ms. Lauren A. Segal
      President & CEO, Scholarship America
      Ex Officio Member of the Board
      Ms. Seema R. Shah, Esq.
      Director, Innovation & Technology, External Partner Development, General Mills



      Donald Elg


    • 1212 Gift Fund
    • A. Vigliante & Sons Inc.
    • A.R.T. Images & Graphics Inc.
    • Jack Abraham
    • Matthew Abramowitz
    • Joel S. Abramson
    • ABT SRBI Inc.
    • Prabhakarrao Achanta
    • Myrna Adams
    • Leonard J. Adler
    • Dr. Kenneth Adler and Katherine Schuppert
    • Barbara Adner
    • Aetna Foundation, Inc.
    • Airtone Corporation
    • Dr. Ted and Dr. Penny Alby
    • Nicole Alexander
    • Shirley Alexander
    • The Alford Group, Inc.
    • Judith Allen and August Ferretti
    • Auna Allen
    • Amy Allensworth
    • Alliant Credit Union
    • Allstate Employee Giving Campaign
    • Ally Insurance
    • Joshua Almanza
    • Alnor Oil Company, Inc.
    • American Express Employee Charitable Fund
    • Alonzo Dexter Post 101 American Legion
    • AmeriFleet Transportation, Inc.
    • Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift
         Matching Program
    • Cheryl Amundson
    • Chris Anderson
    • Dianne Anderson
    • Jason Anderson
    • Joni M. Anderson
    • Michael Anderson
    • The Andreas Foundation
    • Mary Vemeer Andringa
    • Pamela Anspach-Colletti
    • Aon
    • Aquatrols
    • Michael Ardaiolo
    • Anthony and Dana Marie Ardolino
    • Argosy Foundation
    • Arnone, Lowth, Wilson & Leibowitz, Inc.
    • Steve Auerbach
    • Christel B. Aussicker
    • Scott A. Austin
    • Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association
    • Avendra LLC
    • Rosemary Avery
    • AXA Foundation
    • Ayco Charitable Foundation
    • Tammy Ayers
    • BAE Systems Matching Gifts Program
    • Alicia S. Baird
    • Ellen Baker
    • Marilyn Baker
    • Jay and Sumathi Balachandran
    • Robert C. and Mary Ellen Ballard
    • Adam P. and Katie L. Balthrop
    • Irving and Kathryn A. Bank
    • Laurie Barrueta
    • Srecko Bartl
    • Pamela Barzakov
    • Deepti Basnet
    • Mark W. and Janet A. Bates
    • Cynthia L. Baxter
    • Lynn W. Bayer
    • David G. Bearth
    • Mary Fiske Beck
    • Susan C. and Michael A. Becka
    • Marilyn Beckham
    • David L. and Pamela A. Beckner
    • Jason Beecham
    • Barry and Mary Belanger
    • Leslie W. Bella
    • Hillary Bellings
    • Janet Benway
    • Michael Berckart
    • Dr. Gary L. Berebitsky
    • Julie Bergfors
    • Larry W. and Kathryn P. Berkbigler
    • Dr. Michael H. Berkenblit and Melisa Degen
    • Jane Bermont
    • Fred Bernard
    • David Berque
    • Frederick R. and Jane M. Bieber
    • Patricia Biesterfeld
    • David and Kathleen Biesty
    • Matthew S. Biety
    • Surinder Bimbra
    • Biogen Legacy Fund
    • Don C. and Charlyn Black
    • Carmen G. Blanco
    • Melissa and Dale Blue
    • Blue River Foundation, Inc.
    • BMO Capital Markets
    • BNP - JOANNE
    • Brian Boling
    • Arnold R. Bolstein
    • Gregory and Colleen Bolton
    • Darval Bonelli
    • Dr. and William C. Bonifield
    • Laurie Bosin
    • Anthony G. Bottalico
    • Lori Bottom
    • Aaron Bourret
    • Treasa and Tony Bowers
    • Anne E. Bowhay and Jeffrey J. Hanneman
    • James J. and Barbara J. Boyle
    • BP Foundation, Inc.
    • Dr. Bruce R. and Anne Braciszewski
    • David Brandon
    • Daniel F. Breen
    • Stacy Brennan
    • Brian and Mary Jo Hogan Family
    • British Airways
    • Dan and Amy Britt
    • Mark Brower
    • Lori and Timothy A. Brown
    • Ron and Patty Brown
    • Martha S. and Timothy L. Bruno
    • Jody L. Bryant
    • Trevor Bryant
    • Joan Burchenal
    • Brenda Burger
    • Lorene Burkhart
    • Bari Burman
    • Susan A. Burnett
    • Jeremy P. Burnette
    • Judith T. Burrows
    • Christopher S. Burson
    • Brenda Butler
    • Gregory Bylsma
    • Roger Call
    • Campbell County High School Student Council
    • John P. Campo and Nancy Davila-Campo
    • Julie A. Cannon
    • The Capital Group Companies
         Charitable Foundation
    • The Capital Group Companies, Inc.
    • Lawrence A. Caplan
    • Christopher Caprio
    • Charles A. Carbone
    • Cards for Causes, LLC
    • Cargill, Inc.
    • Christina J. Carlson
    • John C. Carmon
    • Ramona B. and Joseph L. Carter
    • Tina J. Carter
    • David G. Casey
    • Christina Castelli
    • The Celebration Farm, LLC
    • Certified Asbestos Removal Corp.
    • Charity Buzz
    • Tien-Hua Chen
    • Nathan and Brittany Chenenko
    • Anne L. Cheney
    • Wayne H. Cheng
    • Mark C. and Miss Kathi L. Chenoweth
    • Lisa Cheraskin
    • Alice E. and Dr. Robert Chew
    • Gary R. Chirlin
    • Juanita Chou
    • Dr. Joan C. Chrisler
    • Jolene D. Christensen
    • Citigroup Relief Fund
    • Classified Ventures, LLC (Cars.com)
    • Margaret W. Clayton
    • Clayton Family Foundation
    • Colleen Clifford
    • Coach Foundation, Inc.
    • Ethel Cochrane and James Cochrane
    • Gerald F. Coffin
    • Ellen & Marshall Cole
    • Tom and Nancy Coleman
    • Jennifer Colgan
    • Colgate-Palmolive Company
    • College of Central Florida
    • The College of William and Mary
    • Commissionary L 85 E 165
    • Community High School District 99
    • Compensation Plan Services, Inc.
    • Laurie Condelles
    • James and Bessie Conn
    • Conrads Family Foundation Fund
    • CONSERN Scholarship Program
    • Charlotte Cook
    • Nola B. Cooper
    • Robert M. Cordova
    • Bonita and Aaron Cornelius
    • Cornerstone Management, Inc.
    • Stewart T. and Nina R. Coulson
    • Coverstone Research, Inc.
    • James and Kathy Covey
    • Mark L. Crawford
    • Crawfordsville High School
    • James L. Crimmins
    • Ben G. and Jane W. Crosby
    • Stefanie Crouse
    • Marci Crozier
    • CSF of Stafford Springs
    • Jane Cunningham
    • Reese S. Currie
    • Mary E. Curtin
    • CustomInk.com
    • Paula Dabuliewicz
    • Thomas M. Dahn
    • Teresa Daly
    • Daniel Johnnes Wines, Inc.
    • Nellie J. Daniels
    • William L. and Marla K. Dankert
    • Danow, McMullan & Panoff, P.C.
    • Patrick Darts
    • David Daskilewicz
    • Lynette A. and Mike Dauffenbach
    • David G. Schultz & Carole L. Schultz
          Charitable Foundation
    • Dr. Barbara L. Davidson
    • William R. Davis
    • Lakayda Davis
    • Ross I. and Pauline M. Deacon
    • Patricia and Russell E. Delaney
    • Louis Desprez
    • John E. Deysher
    • Robert Di Trani
    • Joel Dice
    • DiFrancesco, Bateman, Coley, Yospin,
         Kunzman, Davis & Lehrer
    • Gertrude R. Diller
    • Deirdre Dippolito
    • Divine Power Yoga, Inc.
    • Samantha Doan
    • Natalie Dodson
    • William Doering
    • Neil F. Doherty
    • Doll House Construction
    • Dollars for Scholars of Commack
    • James T. Dolman
    • Dr. Brian L. and Dr. Eileen Donnelly
    • Barbara D'Onofrio
    • Kathrine R. Donovan
    • Doppelt Family Foundation
    • Jennifer R. Douglass
    • Brent L. and Tammy Elmore Dove
    • Nikki Downes-Martin
    • Richard L. Drew-Henry & Constance Drew
         Foundation for Children
    • Dreyfus Ashby, Inc.
    • Michelle Drinkard
    • Samantha Dryden
    • Julie F. Dubinar
    • Roman and Carmen R. Ducalo
    • Maribel Dugas
    • James Duke
    • Stormy P. Durbin
    • Joe Durbin
    • Chancellor Jerry D. and Kathleen M. Durham
    • Elizabeth Durochik
    • Dynex Technologies
    • Ruby M. and C. Cabot Easton
    • eBay Foundation
    • Dianne L. Eberlein
    • Edison International
    • Education Dynamics
    • Rona Edwards
    • Lee R. Einsidler
    • Jeffrey D. Eisenberg
    • Electrical Equipment Representatives Association
    • Donald D. Elg
    • Phyllis A. Ellendman
    • Patrick J. Ellingsworth
    • Yvonne Elshout
    • Miss Sharon Elswit
    • Gregory J. Embriano
    • Empire Merchants, LLC
    • Employee Community Fund of
         the Boeing Company
    • Jane C. Engdahl
    • Karn Engelsgjerd
    • Engine 167 Ladder 83 Commissary Fund
    • Engine 211 Ladder 119
    • Engine 214 Ladder 111 Commissary Fund
    • Engine 226
    • Engine 229 Ladder 146/Commissary #2
    • Engine 239 Commissary
    • Engine 248 Commissary
    • Engine 277 Ladder 112 Inc.
    • Engine 309 Ladder 159
    • Engine 310 Ladder 174 Commissary
    • Engine 44
    • Engine Co. 255 Ladder 4 Co. 157
    • Charles and Robin A. Entrieri
    • Martin Epstein
    • Stephen I. Erdman
    • Evergreen-Partners Giving Fund
    • Douglas Everhart
    • Audrey J. Ewin
    • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
    • Eyebobs
    • Richard and Francine Falk
    • FanBox
    • Paul D. Fancher
    • Sean J. Farrell
    • Bernard W. Favara
    • FDNY Squad Co. #1 Commissary/788 Club
    • Julie K. Fedeler
    • David Feinberg and Maureen Keller
    • Barton D. and Catherine Fendelman
    • David Fendrich
    • Dr. Richard L. Ferguson, Ph.D.
    • Zachary Ferrara
    • Miss Pia Ferrario
    • Denise B. Feser
    • Deborah I. and Scott W. Fichtner
    • J. Douglas Field
    • Nathan L. Fierens
    • Financial Managers Society - Philadelphia Chapter
    • Jerome and Jill Finn
    • Kenneth Fischbeck
    • Vallerie Fisher
    • The Fleege Family Charitable Fund
    • Maria Focella - Garvey
    • Follett Corporation
    • Jedidiah Fonner
    • FoodWorks Inc
    • Charles R. and Elaine B. Ford
    • Martin and Colleen Ford
    • Fortress Investment Group, LLC
    • Diana M. Foster
    • Foster Dykema Cabot & Co. Inc.
    • Donald J. and Frederica Siegelbaum Fracapane
    • Dr. Irving A. and Charlotte Fradkin
    • Russell Fradkin
    • Robert Fradkin
    • Frank & Louise Holmes Trust
    • Peter Franks
    • Christopher Franz
    • David M. Frech
    • Scott Frederick
    • Richard C. and Kathryn A. Freimuth
    • Douglas French
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    • Bill and Wendy Friedman
    • Friends of Dan Maffei
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    • Dr. Michael and Eleanor S. Fronstin
    • Meagan Frost
    • Fru-Con Foundation
    • Fry Communications, Inc.
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    • Dr. Mary Hatwood Futrell
    • Mimi Gabriel
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    • Paula J. Galloway and Stanely F. Slater
    • Alisha Garcia
    • Cameron and Barbara Gardella
    • Joshua Gartlan
    • Jacqueline and David M. Garvey
    • Gates Corporation
    • Richa Gautam
    • GE Foundation
    • Joshua D. Geddings
    • General Mills Foundation
    • Michael Gephart
    • Paul Germscheid
    • Christopher M. Gerson
    • Sue Ann B. Giacinto
    • Henry T. Gillen
    • Christina M. Glendon
    • Raymond H. Goetz
    • Goldberg & Cohn LLP
    • Ryan and Jody Goldfine
    • Dr. Randy L. Gollub
    • Robert Gondelman
    • Andrew Gonzales
    • Google Inc.
    • Richard H. Gordon
    • Janet L. Gorski
    • Mary E. Gottlieb
    • Lori M. and David A. Graham
    • Grainger Charitable Gift Matching Program
    • Robert T. and Melody K. Grand
    • Grand Cru Selections LLC
    • Grand Cru Wine Consulting LLC
    • Grant & Eisenhofer P.A.
    • Bruce A. and Susanne Marie Gray
    • Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation
    • Rudy D. Green
    • Heather R. Greer
    • Eileen Gregan
    • Barry and Michelle Griswell Charitable Fund
    • Matthew Groner
    • Russell A. and Stephanie A. Gulli
    • Barry Gumbiner
    • Candace Gunnarsson
    • John Gupta
    • Mark Guttag
    • Guttman Phil Fund
    • Michael Guyer-Wood
    • Donald L. Haaga, Jr.
    • Nancy A. Haas
    • David Hadley
    • Tami L. Haerle
    • Mark Hagen
    • Corrin and Paul Hagen
    • Brian Halas
    • Donald R. Hallett
    • Halliburton Giving Choices
    • James T. Halston
    • John and Angela Hammond
    • Terry Hamond
    • Laura J. Hanak
    • Dr. Bryan Hankins
    • Hansa/GCR, Inc.
    • James Hansen
    • Keith E. and Susan D. Harrington
    • Lori and Michael Harris
    • Dr. Robert J. Harris, D.M.D.
    • Richard L. Harris
    • The Harris Family Charitable Fund
    • Harris N.A.
    • Harvey and Leslie Wagner Foundation
    • Dr. Lawrence J. and Stacy T. Hashimoto
    • Liz Havlin
    • Holly A. and Luke S. Hayden
    • Haz Mat #1 Engine Co. 288
    • Charles J. and Catherine Healey
    • Gustave T. Hebert
    • Nicole Hechler
    • Renée Hecht
    • Marilee K. and Steven E. Hedberg
    • Daniel S. Hefter
    • Eric R. and Kelly J. Hegele
    • Kathryn Heil
    • Angela and Terrance Heise
    • Mark A. and Beth A. Henderson
    • Henriot, Inc.
    • Henry L. Kimelman Family Foundation
    • Irene E. Herbin
    • Herman Miller Foundation
    • Vicki Hermanson
    • The Hershey Family Foundation
    • Peggy M. Herzog
    • Donald J. Higgins
    • Margaret M. and William E. Higgins
    • Deepa Hillary
    • Anita L. Hillyer Smith
    • Hilton Washington
    • Joseph M. Hinchey, Esq.
    • Phyllis N. and Max E. Hinkle
    • Shellee R. Hintz
    • Carmel Hobbs
    • Christopher and Michelle Hoehner
    • Eric Hoffert
    • Dale and Stephen Hoffman
    • Patrick Hoggard
    • John Hoke, III
    • Holland & Holland US, LLC
    • Cynthia Holland-Hall
    • Melanie Holmes
    • Holly Holtz
    • Mark Homan
    • John M. and Joanne C. Hone
    • Anne B. and Robert T Hoover
    • Nicole A. Hornick
    • Darlene M. Horning
    • Hakan and Sara Horton
    • Ruthi Hortsch
    • Robert E. Howard
    • Kendra Howard
    • Chia-Ling Hsu
    • Peter Hsu
    • Tammy Hudspeth
    • Richard D. and Deborah T. Huffmam
    • Suzanne Huffmon Esber and
         Jeffrey Huffmon Esber
    • Karen L. Huhn
    • The Huisking Foundation
    • Reverand and Dr. Frederick Hutchinson
    • Samuel R. Hyman
    • I and G Charitable Foundation
    • Stephanie Iacovelli
    • Cosmo F. Iannopollo, III
    • IBM
    • IBM Employee Services Center
    • IEWC
    • Global Solutions
    • Illinois Tool Works Foundation
    • Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
    • Innovox, Inc.
    • International Youth Foundation
    • Iowa College Access Network (ICAN)
    • Iowa Farm Bureau Foundation
    • Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp.
    • IPO Wines, LLC
    • Ipsos America
    • The Irving L. Moskowitz Foundation
    • Selwyn Isakow
    • Dr. Michael Isham
    • Ispsos FMC, Inc.
    • Sheila Iverson
    • John J. Ivory
    • Ivy Tech Community College
    • Harold R. Jackson
    • Senator Ken G. Jacobsen
    • William Jaffe
    • The James and Raylene Wilborn
         Charitable Fund
    • Debra M. Jans
    • Tracy M. Jarman
    • Dr. Alex Javadi
    • Bonnie Johnson
    • Debra K. Johnson
    • H. Stuart and Marlys C. Johnson
    • JoAnne B. and William E. Jonathan
    • Krista Johnson
    • Marla Johnson
    • Nancy D. Johnson
    • Shannon A. Johnson
    • Ralph Johnson
    • Robert W. and Susan J. Johnson
    • Crystal N. Jones
    • James Jones
    • The Jones Group, Inc.
    • Ralph B. Jones
    • Jody J. Jordan
    • Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
    • David Joyner
    • Thomas and Megan Jozefiak
    • JRContrady Giving Fund
    • Judith T. Drake Fund
    • JustGive
    • Daniel Kach
    • James R. and Barbara Kackley
    • Carol Kaczmarski
    • Gary and Marjorie Kakeh
    • Gregory Kalik
    • Anne C. Kallfisch
    • John S. Kaminer
    • Lester Kaplan
    • Eugene and Gay Kassan
    • Meredith Katchen
    • Barry D. and Hilarie L. Katz
    • Ellen Kaufman
    • Dr. Divya Kaushik
    • Charles A. Kavanaugh
    • Patricia A. Keating
    • Jenine Keegan
    • Elizabeth Kelsey
    • Kennedy's Restauraunt of Breezy Point, Inc.
    • Janna B. Kestenbaum
    • Keypoint Government Solutions, Inc.
    • Soon Ok Kim
    • Corrie A. Kincaid
    • Mark T. Kines
    • Steven and Teresa Kingsley
    • Teia and Mark Klimek
    • Michael F. and Catherine A. Kling
    • Susan L. Knack-Brown
    • Richard Knapp
    • Linda Knapp
    • Edwin B. and Ruth Knauft
    • George W. and Melissa L. Knight
    • Knight Capital Americas, L.P.
    • Tammy J. Knudtson
    • The Kobrand Foundation
    • Robert L. Koenig, M.D.
    • Boris Kofman
    • Matthew Konrad
    • Kopp Family Foundation
    • Marsha E. Koretzky
    • Christine M. and Dr. Charles H. Korte
    • Koski Research
    • KPMG Community Giving Campaign
    • Terrance L. Kraling
    • Pam Krausman
    • Kathleen Krieger
    • Jonathan Krisch
    • Viji Krishnamoo
    • Lisa Kro
    • Mark A. and Kathy E. Krystek
    • Laura Kuhner
    • Dr. Miriam L. Kulkarni
    • Jeff Kurburski
    • Karl Kurtz
    • Barbara M. Kuzdzol
    • Nita Laca
    • LaChance Associates, Inc.
    • Ladder 131 & Engine 279
    • Ladies Auxiliary Canadian Legion
    • LaFayette Junior-Senior High School
    • Ellen Lafler
    • Hannah E. Lafler
    • James LaForce
    • Lam Research
    • Susan R. Lambert and Gilbert Coon
    • Camille and Jim Lamoureux
    • Mark E. Lampert
    • John J. Landers, Jr.
    • Alfred and Lillian Landi
    • Dr. Indy Lane
    • Robert Laney
    • Jacqueline A. Lang
    • Laurie J. LaPage
    • The Larry and Kathryn Berkbigler
          Charitable Gift Fund
    • Mary Daly Larson
    • David and Sue Laubersheimer
    • Heather D. Lawson
    • Kurt Layne
    • Patricia and Edward M. Lee, Esq.
    • Tina T. Lee and Richard Chang
    • Raymond Lee
    • The Lee and Carol Tager Family Charitable Fund
    • Neil Lehrer and Joanne Tornow
    • Brian and Diana Lempel
    • Richard L. and Beverly A. Lenger
    • Lennon/Hornung Charitable Fund
    • David Levin
    • Lewis Family Foundation
    • LexisNexis Cares
    • George S. and Rona L. Leyman
    • Melissa Liakas
    • John Liberatore
    • Lilly Endowment, Inc.
    • Alma Limbach
    • Barry and Hope Linderman
    • Debora Lingos
    • Sayre A. and Rosanne Litchman
    • Dr. Patricia E. Literte
    • Elizabeth M. Litt
    • Helen Liu
    • Yue Liu
    • The Liu Foundation
    • Anna Marie Lloyd
    • Pei-loh Lo
    • Douglas Lober
    • Judith A. and Lawrence Logue
    • Maria Lokensgard
    • Robin Long
    • Becca Long
    • Longfield Family Charitable Fund
    • Sarojini D. Lotlikar
    • Ann Lowry
    • Cindy Lowry
    • David Lucas
    • Lumina Foundation
    • Kevin and Heather Luu
    • Amy Lyddon
    • Kermit Lynch
    • Claudia M. and John Lynn
    • Suzanne Ma
    • Lisa M. Macalka
    • Ross Maciejewski
    • Jeanene MacLean
    • Gregory J. Macri, Jr.
    • Michael E. Madden
    • Madison Estates and Properties, Inc.
    • Kristine Madsen
    • Sarah Magidson
    • Judith and Robert Maharry
    • Jaqueline Mahoney
    • Kevin M. and Orlee Mailender
    • MainSpring Media Communications, Inc.
    • Tony Majoobi
    • Robert C. Malcolm
    • Mamapedia
    • Gabriel E. and Nina Manachi
    • Edward A. and Mary M. Mann
    • Johnine R. and James R. Mann
    • Gregory Manning
    • The Manny & Ruth Cohen Foundation
    • Lester J. and Joanne E. Mantell
    • Marian V. Marchese and Stephen R. Phillips
    • Judit Markovits
    • Grace Markovits
    • Kay M. Marquet
    • Evelyn L. and Cleon Marsh
    • David Martin
    • Kathleen A. Martin
    • Pilar S. Martin
    • Martin and Mary L. Boyer Foundation
    • Martin Scott Wines, LTD
    • Marjorie Masel
    • Othmar Mathias
    • Maria C. Matta
    • Mattlin Foundation
    • Dr. Joanna Matyska
    • Ken Mauser
    • Margaux Maxwell
    • Barbara B. McBee
    • Kyle McCain
    • McCann-Erickson USA, Inc.
    • Chris Parrish and Maggie McCough-Parrish
    • Sean McCoy
    • Joshua McDaniel
    • Gerard and Kathleen McDevitt
    • Dr. Christopher R. and Ruth McDonald
    • Rita McDowell
    • Joseph W. McGee and Laura Kelly
    • Rebecca McGlothlin
    • Phyllis R. McGrath and Patrick Sheehan
    • Steven A. and Christine T. McGraw
    • Rachel McKenzie
    • Marquita S. McLean
    • Coery M. and Jaclyn McMahon
    • Barbara R. McMurray
    • Michael J. McNally, Jr.
    • McTrout Consulting Inc
    • John J. Meade, III
    • Joseph and Monica Meadows
    • Philip P. and Suzanne Meagher
    • Sean A. Medcalf
    • Alberto E. and Soraya M. Medina
    • Mehigan Family Trust
    • Jason Mehrvarz
    • Mendam High School Football Boosters, Inc.
    • Thomas Merritt
    • Dr. Alice J. and Andrew P. Meshbane
    • Robert Messengale
    • Ann and Joseph Mezzatesta
    • Mary Michael
    • Microsoft Corporation
    • Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
    • Jan S. Midbo
    • Kristen Miles
    • Nancy Miller
    • Ryan Miller
    • Lucy V. Miller
    • Millipore Foundation
    • Daniel F. Mills
    • Minnesota Vikings
    • N. C. Missbach
    • Missionfish.com
    • Gerald W. and Anita J. Mohr
    • Daniel C. Molhoek
    • Paul Monahan
    • Monroe County Community
         School Corporation
    • Montana Republican State Central Committee
    • Jenelle Montoya
    • Patricia B. and Gene V. Mooney, Jr.
    • Marianne Moore
    • Michael Moore
    • Demie Moore
    • Vincent R. Moore
    • Morgan Stanley & Co. Inc.
    • Morgan Stanley Foundation
    • Judy and Keith Morran
    • Robert and Judy Mosher
    • Lauren Moss
    • Barb F. Mostaghimi
    • Mother's Club of St. Joseph School
    • Qi Mu
    • Muckleshoot Casino
    • William J. and Imelda Muggli
    • Karin H. and John B. Muncie
    • Nicholas E. Murphy
    • Robert P. and Tari L. Murray
    • Ray Muscat
    • Louis and Ersilia Mustari
    • James S. Musumeci
    • Karen J. Muzzillo
    • Robert Myers
    • Gregory and Amy Myers
    • Dr. Lalitha Nagarajan
    • David G. and Sonja Nahass
    • Hussein Nassereddine
    • National Council of University
          Research Administrators
    • Melinda & Alan Naye
    • James R. Neal
    • Ed M. and Michele Neaton
    • Reverand William C. and Margaret Nelsen
    • Sarah A. Nelson
    • Karl and Diane Nelson
    • Network for Good
    • Eric W. Neuscamman
    • New Britain Youth Football & Cheer, Inc.
    • New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
    • New York Life Giving Campaign
    • NFL Charities
    • Nicky T Collision Center, Inc.
    • Nicollet County Bank
    • Nicor, Inc.
    • Nixon Peabody, LLP
    • Ronald M. and Leslie N. Noborikawa
    • Carol Nootens
    • Nordemann Foundation, Inc.
    • Jamie Norman
    • North American Power
    • Northern Trust Bank
    • Northrop Grumman Corporation
    • Northstar Research Partners LLC
    • Nubeen Investments, LLC
    • Nuclear Management Company
    • Corina Nusu
    • Oak Park Temple Sisterhood
    • Oasis of Hope Dollars for Scholars
    • Miss Colleen T. O'Brien
    • Michael O'Callaghan
    • William O'Connor
    • Janelle E. Ohmstede
    • Erik L. Olerud
    • Dorothy Olsen
    • Theodore A. Olson
    • Marco A. Olvera
    • Marie T. O'Malley and Michael E. Morin
    • One on One Physical Therapy
    • Dawn O'Polka
    • Oppenheim Charitable Foundation
    • The Original Vincents
    • Joseph Orlando
    • Sherri L. O'Rourke
    • Ovington Avenue Productions
    • Susan Owen
    • Owen P. and Roxanne S. Gleason
         Charitable Trust
    • Ram K. Paharia
    • Carmen A. and Peter M. Palanca
    • Vincent and Mary Ann J. Palma
    • Joseph Paolilli
    • Kathy L. Parkin
    • Lois and Sydney Parlow
    • Maria A. Parpia-Centofanti
    • Michael Pascale
    • Alan E. Paschedag
    • Paul Hellman Foundation
    • Jesse M. Pearson
    • Bernard Pekala
    • Rosemarie Pendergast
    • Pennsylvania State Education Association
    • Trang Pepito
    • Perforce Foundation
    • Marcus Perry
    • Ralph I. Petersberger, Esq.
    • Colette Peterson
    • Anthony A. and Linda Petito
    • Brian Petroro
    • Ellen Pfeiffer
    • Han Phan
    • Virginia Phelan
    • Hugh Phillips
    • Phoenix Lithographing Corporation
    • Cynthia Pierce
    • Debbie Pierce
    • Linda Pines
    • Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.
    • James Pirone
    • Jayme Plunkett
    • Margaret L. Pokorney
    • Steven H. and Ruth Pollyea
    • Polytech School District 980
    • Susan L. Ponwith
    • Jonathan Poole
    • Tonya K. Poole
    • Curtis and Teresa Pope
    • Daniel W. and Christine A. Powers
    • Rod and Jennifer Pranin
    • Principal Charity Classic
    • Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc.
    • Progressive Business Publications
    • James J. and Marisa K. Pruss
    • Justin Prust
    • Curtis Pullen
    • Shirish Puranick
    • J. S. Putnam
    • Prabhakara Puvvada
    • Amanda Pyle
    • Shin H. Quillen
    • Chirley Quillian
    • Michael and Ashley Quinn
    • Rhianna Quinn Roddy
    • Malva Rabinowitz
    • Samuel Rabkin
    • Mary Radu
    • Vincent C. and Donna Lynn Ragusa
    • Vincent J. and Domenica Ragusa
    • Lawrence Rakers
    • Mark J. Rampanelli
    • Joseph D. Ratterman
    • Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
    • John J. and Phyllis Rearden
    • Thomas C. and Sandra S. Reddig
    • Graham Redinger
    • Dr. Suellen K. Reed
    • Darwin R. and Geraldine Reedy
    • Tracy L. Reese
    • Raymond Reilly
    • Michelle Reinhardt
    • Judy Reiser
    • Dr. Stewart and Andrea Reiter
    • Ronald E. Reitz
    • Carla S. Remenschneider
    • Anne H. Renihan
    • The Research Intelligence Group
    • Doug Reynolds
    • Laura Rheintgen
    • William B. and Sharon K. Richardson
    • Molly Richardson
    • Judy A. Riedl
    • Wayne E. Rieger, Jr.
    • Lorraine Riggio
    • Delores Ring
    • Robert and Anita Lawe Foundation
    • Peni W. and William Roberts
    • James K. and Cheryl K. Robinson
    • Diane F. Rockwell
    • Dr. Steven R. Rodgers
    • Robert and Regina A. Rodriguez
    • Emma I. and Gilbert S. Rodriguez
    • Lynn Romas
    • Luz Romero
    • Linda Rose
    • Byron and Ellen Roseman
    • Rosemary and Michael Ryan Foundation
    • Richard W Ross
    • Laura J. Ross
    • Marc and Tracy Ross
    • Damian Ross
    • Patsy H. Rossow
    • Dr. Susan L. Roth
    • Vincent and Joanne Roth
    • Ann Rothberg
    • Ann P. and James E. Rowell, Jr.
    • Royal Canadian Legion
    • Joseph Rubel
    • Lisa A. Rubenstein
    • Amy Ryan Rued and Jack Rued
    • Thomas E. Ruggiero
    • Ed and Marilyn E. Rundell
    • Donna Rusch
    • Ranta L. Russell
    • Joseph A. and Eileen P. Russo
    • Kris Ryan
    • Lise Ryden
    • Michael J. and Linda Ryder
    • Sacred Heart School
    • Sage Dining Services
    • Michelle Sahl
    • Saks Fifth Avenue
    • The Sallie Mae Fund
    • Sallie Mae Employee Contribution Program
    • Saltcay Enterprises, Inc.
    • Dennis Samuel
    • San Damiano Daily Giving Community
    • Sandbar Restaurant
    • Peter J. Santora, III
    • Thomas and Diane Savino
    • Steve W. and Cindy L. Saxby
    • Ruth Saxey
    • Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association
    • Jeremy Schiffman
    • Kurt Schliemann
    • James H. and Elizabeth Schmale
    • James A. and Susan Schmicker
    • Donald Schmitt
    • Caroline P. Schneider
    • Schneider Family Foundation
    • David and Lisa Schofield
    • Scholarship America Staff
    • Muriel F. and John Schreck
    • Kristin L. Schriver
    • Cynthia J. Schroeder
    • Scott Schultz
    • Richard J. Schwab and Katherine Burford
    • Fay Schwartz
    • Victoria Schwartz
    • William Schwartz
    • Sara Schwiebert
    • Scitor Corporation
    • The Scoob Trust Foundation
    • Alice Scott and Paul Kozil
    • Scottish Rite Foundation
    • Michael S. Scully
    • Dr. Eric Seabloom
    • Philip A. Seabrook
    • Janet L. Seagrave
    • Milton N. Seagrave
    • Thomas and Becki Seddon
    • Lauren A. Segal and Richard Grigos
    • Steve Seidlitz
    • Ralph H. and Sandra Seifert
    • Zane Selkirk
    • Richard Seroka
    • Donald G. Setterlof
    • Samuel J. Sgroi
    • Seema R. Shah, Esq.
    • Shalin Shah
    • Michael W. Shannon
    • Faber Sheppard
    • Joel D. and Janet B. Sheridan
    • Anna Shillings
    • Shoprite of Avenue 1
    • Michelle M. Showalter and Steven Showalter
    • Sandra H. Showalter
    • Sigma Chi Fraternity Alpha Lambda Chapter
    • Dr. Terry A. and Cathy D. Siller
    • Edward S. Sinick
    • Keith Sjoquist
    • Joan Slebos
    • Hayden W. and Eleanor O. Smith
    • Stephen B. and Mary Smith
    • David C. and Marijane D. Smith
    • Laura L. Smith
    • Marian A. Smith
    • Brian J. Smith
    • Jason E. Smith
    • Ileane Smith
    • Jim E. Smith
    • Dr. Chris Snodgrass
    • Amit Solanki
    • Sharon Solfest
    • Stan Z. Soloway
    • John Solting
    • Sonoma County Community Foundation
    • Michael Sorrentino
    • John Soutar and Sandra P. Manfredi
    • Thomas T. and Carlotta Soviero
    • Juli N. Sowder
    • Space Exploration Technologies Corporation
    • Matthew S. Spalding
    • Frank and Ellen Spall
    • Michael P. Spezio
    • Squire
    • Sanders and Dempsey, LLP
    • Manoj Srivastava
    • Sander Srulowitz and Aurora Cassirer-Srulowitz
    • Donald G. and Elizabeth J. St. Angelo
    • Katherine Stagliano
    • Curtis and Debra J. Stalter
    • Linda R. and Neil Stangel
    • Stanley F. Goldfein Foundation
    • Jamee Stasik
    • Dr. Bradley Stearns
    • David L. Steele and Page Steele
    • Katie A. Steenstra
    • Robert N. and Eileen Stein
    • Steiner Sports Memorabilia, Inc.
    • Arnold and Juliet Stewart
    • stickk.com, LLC
    • Stillwater Central School District
    • Stonehill College
    • Beth Strack
    • Straightway Solutions
    • Sue and Nick Stranieri
    • Todd and David C. Stumtzner
    • Suburban Bus Transportation, Inc.
    • Susan and Richard Hare Family Foundation
    • Susan C. Suttlehan
    • Suzanne Chapman Merrill Family Foundation
    • Carole E. and Richard Swanson
    • Rebecca L. Swanson
    • Rhoda Swartz
    • Carolynn L. Sween
    • Beverly R. Swenson
    • Cheryl K. and John J. Swift
    • Jill E. Swinton
    • SWS Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    • T.R. Designs, Inc.
    • Take A. Bow Performing Arts Center
    • Tan and Balladon Family Fund
    • Joseph Tanner
    • Zachary G. Tarlow
    • Halley E. Tarr
    • Colette Taylor
    • Fenton Taylor
    • Jennifer Taylor
    • Madeline Taylor
    • Robin Taylor
    • Robert D. and Lori A. Taylor
    • Dorothy A. Terrell
    • Thomas E. Terry, J.D.
    • Stanley L. and Elizabeth Tetrault
    • Linzi Theobald
    • Bob Thiele
    • Jodi L. Thieman-Derrick
    • Thomas Square Associates LLC
    • John and Noreen Thompson
    • Jeffrey D. and Sara E. Thompson
    • Thompson Family Fund
    • Thomson Reuters
    • Cherie Thorn
    • Time Home Entertainment, Inc.
    • TisBest Philanthropy
    • Rochelle Tobias
    • Colleen M. Tocci
    • Edward and Gail Tomberg
    • Christine M. Tomlinson
    • Steven Tonkovich
    • Township High School District 113
    • Tracey Real Estate Inc
    • Transatlantic Reinsurance Corp
    • William J. Trapp
    • Richard J. Trauner
    • Susan and Steve T. Trautman
    • Bruce R. Trinkle
    • Jeffrey T. Tripodi
    • Troutman Sanders, LLP
    • L. Jean Troyer
    • Curt V. and Carol M. Trygstad
    • Matthew Turk
    • Barbara Gazey Turner
    • Elizabeth M. Turner
    • Jane Twomey
    • Martha Uebelhoer
    • Stephen Uhl
    • Professor David Ulrich
    • Unitarian Universalist Church of Rutland
    • Darin L. Upchurch
    • USA Funds
    • Dr. Roger and Nancy Utman
    • Valentine & Co., Inc.
    • Nancy J. Van Deman-Abernethy
    • Michael Vasile, Jr.
    • Matthew Velez
    • Dr. Maria G. Verderame
    • Verint Video Solutions, Inc.
    • Verizon Foundation
    • VFW Men's Auxillary Post #4590, Inc.
    • Villanova University
    • Jason R. Virelli
    • Krista and Richard Visconti
    • Matthew Vishnevsky
    • Gregory C. Voetsch
    • Fredrick P. and Nancy Vogel
    • Mel S. and Sara K. Vogel
    • Melody Vogelmann
    • Jessica Vogt
    • Michael Volkema
    • Michael and Erica Voolich
    • Michael A. Vorhaus
    • Steven and Iris Waichler
    • Brian and Colleen Walker
    • Michael S. and Ingrid W. Walsh
    • Michael Ann T. Walstad
    • David M. Ward
    • Catherine B. Ward
    • Paul M. Warner
    • Waterbury Philanthropic Trust
    • Richard Waterman
    • Barbara J. Weber
    • David and Janie Webster
    • Philip J. and Irmhild G. Webster
    • David Wecal
    • Beverly Weeks
    • Mark Weigand
    • Dr. Susan G. and
         Dr. Norman J. Weinberger, M.D.
    • David Weingart and Katherine Allen
    • Fred and Joan Weisman
    • Amy Welch
    • Barbara B. and Hugh E. Wells
    • Brie Wells
    • Wells Fargo Foundation
    • Lawrence Wenberg
    • Paul J. Werner and Christel S. Cranston
    • Louis A. and Hetty A. Wesly
    • John E. and Susan A. Whetstone
    • Michael White
    • Jessica White
    • Wilk Auslander LLP-IOLA
    • George Wilkie
    • Julie A. Wilkins
    • Willette Wines
    • Robert E. and Erin O. Williams
    • Robert D. and Diane C. Willis
    • Wilson Jeffrey Productions, Inc.
    • John T. and Joan H. Winfrey
    • James C. and Bridget Winters
    • Kevin Wirth
    • Karina Wohlhieter
    • Jeremy Wood
    • Charles M. Woodbury, III
    • Nancy E. Woods
    • Woodworks
    • Stephen Workman
    • World Journal Culture Foundation, Inc.
    • Rick and Kelly Wormeli
    • Benjamin Wormeli
    • Banting Wu
    • Sue W. Wu
    • Yi Wu
    • Stephen J. and Christine M. Wynne
    • Yahoo! Matching Programs
    • Sathyam and
         Venkatasathyam Yanamandram
    • Zhaohua Yang
    • The Yaspan Unterberg Foundation, Inc.
    • Jeffrey Yen
    • Angela Young
    • Jeff and Fredrique Q. Zacharia
    • Don Zacharia
    • Zachys Wine & Liquor
    • John T. and Terri Zagula
    • Michael and Rebecca Zarabi
    • Randy J. and LeAnne Zentz
    • Lynne P. and Arthur A. Zervas
    • Donna Zhang
    • Mark Ziegenhorn
    • Robert L. Zier
    • Daniel A. and Marissa Q. Zwelling
    • Timothy Zwiebel
    • Thomas Zynda

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